The best way to get from the Tel Aviv airport to your hotel or destination is to take a taxi. At Ben Gurion airport, you can find the official taxi line on the left hand side as you exit the departure terminal through the sliding glass doors. The line is usually very quick. Almost everyone speaks english and all signs are in English, so you shouldn't have any issues. Although some taxis take credit cards, it's best to have cash so either exchange some at the currency exchange desk in the departure terminal at Ben Gurion when you land or withdraw from the ATM near the exit of the terminal. And remember, there is no need to tip taxi drivers in Israel. Just pay the rate shown on the meter. 


You can walk almost anywhere in Tel Aviv or flag a cab. Download the app Gett Taxi (the Uber of Israel) to easily request a cab pick up and charge the ride to your card. 


The temperature in Tel Aviv in June and July is usually in the high 80s - 90s. Pack for a summer beach vacation and bring a cover up if you plan on visiting Jerusalem or any religious sites. 


The power supply in Israel is 220 volts. You'll need a European double-pin adapter or converter like this to use your US electronics. If you have one you've used in Europe before, it should work in Israel as well. 


Almost every restaurant, café, hotel and beach has free wifi, just ask for the Password. If you have an unlocked phone, you can also easily purchase an international SIM card from any kiosk or bodega in Tel Aviv. 


The currency is the New Israel Shekel (NIS) or Shekel. The exchange rate is approximately 3.85 Shekels to $1 USD. Credit cards are widely accepted and you can convert US dollars at currency exchange stores in Tel Aviv or the airport or withdraw Shekels from ATMs. 


In Israel the weekend days are Friday and Saturday (Sunday is the first day of the working week), keep this in mind when making plans and going out and note that many stores are closed during the day on Saturday, but almost all restaurants are open.