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Insider Tips - Tel Aviv Restaurants


Reservations are required at most restaurants in Tel Aviv, with the exception of a few exclusively walk-in restaurants. During high-season (June - August), we recommend booking a reservation at least 2 weeks in advance, particularly if you are a large group.

The easiest way to make a restaurant reservation in Tel Aviv is by using Ontopo, an online restaurant reservation booking system similar to Opentable. We have included links to the restaurants that have Ontopo available.


Tel Aviv’s food scene and night life is great every night of the week, but Thursday night is the most popular night to go out for dinner or drinks because the weekend in Israel consists of Friday and Saturday (Sunday is the first day of the work week). Therefore, reservations for Thursday nights are necessary. We have indicated which night is best for each restaurant in our more detailed reviews below.


Israeli’s eat dinner on the later side and most restaurants stay open late. Therefore, a dinner reservation of 8:30 or 9:00 PM is usually ideal. However, please note that many restaurants allow for a two hour seating window, which means that you’ll be kindly asked to get up at that point. Therefore, if you want to linger longer, we recommend asking the restaurant for their latest seating, particularly at the locations where the restaurants turn into a party.


It is customary to tip between 10 - 15 % in Israel at restaurants. If your service was exceptional, we recommend tipping on the higher end of the scale, even up to 18%. If you’re paying by credit card, one important thing to note is that there is no tipping line on the receipt - you must inform your waiter if you want to add a tip to your card, and how much, before they swipe it or leave cash.

what to eat

In order to truly experience Tel Aviv like a local, you need to eat like a local. Check out our list of What to Eat in Tel Aviv for a few of the dishes that we recommend you taste while visiting.

our recommendations

The Tel Aviv food scene is inventive, festive, diverse and delicious. A perfect blend of eclectic cuisines and cultures, the food is exceptional and the atmosphere unsurpassed. We’ve curated our list of the best restaurants in Tel Aviv for your enjoyment. If you’re in a rush, simply reference the quick food guide below for a list of our top picks. Interested in reading more about the best places to eat in Tel Aviv? Scroll down for additional details. All of our info is updated frequently.

If you visit any of these restaurants, please mention that you heard about them from Shunit at Discover Tel Aviv.

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Best Restaurants in Tel Aviv

My Favorite Restaurants in Tel Aviv
Romano | North Abraxas | Shila | Coco Bambino | Ramesses

Best Brunch Restaurants in Tel Aviv
Yulia | Dallal | The Norman | Benedict

Best Beach Restaurants in Tel Aviv
Hilton Beach | Lala Land | Calypso | Beach Club TLV

Best Lunch Restaurants in Tel Aviv
Pua | M25 | Habasta

Best Coffee in Tel Aviv
Under the Tree | Origem | Nahat Cafe

Best Bakeries in Tel Aviv
Lehamim | Roladin | La Bonne Patisserie

Best Hummus in Tel Aviv
Hummus Abu Hassan | Hummus Kaspi

Best Shakshuka in Tel Aviv
Dr. Shakshuka | Saluf & Sons | Benedict | Ha’achim

Best Falafel in Tel Aviv
Hakosem | Frishman Sabich | Falafel Gabay | Miznon

Best Tel Aviv Restaurants with a Party Vibe
Coco Bambino | Romano | Hasalon | Popular

Best Late Night Food in Tel Aviv
Brasserie | Hamiznon | Abulafia

Best Tel Aviv Fine Dining Restaurants
Shila | Kitchen Market | Claro

Best Tel Aviv Casual Restaurants
Port Said | Florentina

Best Italian Food in Tel Aviv
Cicchetti | Bindella | Rustico

Best Middle Eastern Food in Tel Aviv
Halevantini | The Old Man and the Sea

Best Ice Cream in Tel Aviv
Anita | Otello

Best Tel Aviv Bars
Secret Garden | Haiku | Speakeasy

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The Best Restaurants in Tel Aviv

Deciding where to eat in Tel Aviv can be a challenge when there are so many incredible restaurants. We suggest that you select a mix of different types of restaurants and locations throughout the city so that you get to experience a little bit of everything. For instance, select casual, fine dining and authentic middle eastern restaurants and be sure to find time to have an Israeli breakfast and falafel!

Our guide below includes all of the best places to eat in Tel Aviv and insider tips and details that you won’t find elsewhere. We’ve also included links to the online reservation platform, Ontopo, where relevant to make it easy for you to plan your trip. This page is constantly being updated so please check back for our top picks.




Cuisine | Israeli Mediterranean
Location | Florentine
Vibe | Very lively, trendy, casual ($$)
Reservations | Required. Ideal time 9 PM or later

Romano is a must-visit restaurant and bar for a unique Israeli experience and a fun night out. The top floor of a unique multi-use complex, Romano is located behind a hidden, graffiti door and is part of Eyal Shani’s empire (Tel Aviv’s most famous chef and the owner of Port Said, Teder, Miznon). On certain nights, including every Friday, Teder, the bar below Romano, has a DJ or live music and the entire restaurant tuns into a party. Check Romano’s facebook page for details. We suggest booking a reservation weeks in advance (!) if possible and going at 9 PM or later.

Included in our Best Restaurants in Tel Aviv list.


North Abraxas

Cuisine | Israeli Mediterranean
Location | City Center, near Rothschild
Vibe | Lively, casual ($$)
Reservations | Highly Recommended. Ideal time 8 PM or later. Bar seating is walk in only.

Another one of celebrity chef Eyal Shani’s restaurants, North Abraxas (also known as Tzfon Abraxas) has inventive food and a fun and lively atmosphere. For couples, we highly recommend sitting at the bar, which overlooks the open kitchen and is walk in only, so that you can experience the contagious, lively atmosphere. Be sure to order the roasted cauliflower, bread and dip and the mouse dessert.

Included in our Best Restaurants in Tel Aviv list.



Cuisine | Seafood
Location | The Old North
Vibe | Upscale ($$$)
Reservations | Required

For some of the most delicious seafood in Tel Aviv in a buzzing, upscale atmosphere, head to Shila. Opt for a table outside on a warm evening and enjoy a leisurely meal at one of the most high end restaurants in Tel Aviv. Be sure to order the beautifully presented and delicious Sea Fish Tartar, which is wrapped in avocado, and the warm, freshly baked focaccia.

Included in our Best Restaurants in Tel Aviv list.


Coco Bambino

Cuisine | Italian
Location | Kerem Hateimanim, near Shuk HaCarmel
Vibe | Trendy, fun, party atmosphere ($$)
Reservations | Required. Two seatings, one at 8 PM and one at 10 PM (preferred).

Coco Bambino is one of the best restaurants with a party vibe in Tel Aviv right now. Come here for a fun night out with friends when you want to eat delicious Italian food, listen to great music and dance. Coco Bambino is part restaurant, part bar and both the food and the atmosphere are unsurpassed. We recommend booking a few weeks in advance.

Note that there are two seatings, one at 8 PM and one at 10 PM. If you want to stay and party all night, we recommend the 10 PM seating, which will allow you to keep the table for the full evening. If you come to Coco Bambino for the 8 PM seating, you’ll be kindly asked to leave after 2 hours. But, don’t worry if that’s all you can get. There is a great rooftop bar with city views called Haiku just a five minute walk from the restaurant. A great place to keep the party vibe going.

Included in our Best Restaurants in Tel Aviv list.



Cuisine | Israeli Mediterranean
Location | Yafo, near Shuk HaPishpeshim
Vibe | Fun, easy going, outdoor, casual ($$)
Reservations | Recommended

Ramesses (or Ramses) is an outdoor restaurant and bar that serves Mediterranean small plates and cocktails in Jaffa. Always packed and lively, this is a great place to go with a large group and the perfect place to have an early or late dinner.

Included in our Best Restaurants in Tel Aviv list.


Port Said

Cuisine | Israeli Mediterranean
Location | City Center, near Rothschild
Vibe | Fun, easy going, outdoor, casual ($$)
Reservations | Walk in only

The quintessential Tel Aviv restaurant, Port Said has a unique atmosphere and delicious food making it one of the best places for visitors to sample the Tel Avivian hipster vibe and Israeli culture. The food at Port Said is very similar to it’s sister restaurant, North Abraxas, but Port Said is the more casual of the two, so pick one and go! This walk in only restaurant spills over to the street. We suggest putting your name down with the host, ordering a bottle of wine and sitting on a stoop to people watch while waiting for your table. If the wait is unbearably long, the restaurant Santa Katarina next door is a good backup option.

Included in our Best Restaurants in Tel Aviv list.

Photo by Secret Tel Aviv


Cuisine | Israeli Mediterranean
Location | City Center, near industrial area
Vibe | Raucous, party atmosphere ($$$)
Reservations | Required. Only open on Wednesday and Thursday nights, recommend late seating.

Arguably one of the most famous Tel Aviv restaurants, HaSalon (“the living room”), combines fresh ingredients served from an open kitchen with a unique dining experience that morphs into a dance party. The lights dim at around 10 PM and by 11 PM, the party is in full swing. Another one of celebrity chef Eyal Shani’s restaurants, HaSalon is on the higher end of the price range and only open two nights a week. Be sure to book well in advance, preferably with a large group for a late reservation, and plan on spending the full evening here.

Can’t get a reservation? Don’t worry, a recent New York City outpost opened and you can check it out stateside.

Included in our Best Restaurants in Tel Aviv list.

Online reservations are not available for HaSalon. Call to make a reservation at +972 52 703 5888.


Sarona Market

Cuisine | Varied
Location | Sarona, near Azrieli Center
Vibe | Relaxed ($)
Reservations | Not required for market. Recommended for restaurants in Sarona, such as Claro and Jajo.

Sarona Market is a large (8,700 square foot) indoor gourmet food hall in Sarona, an outdoor complex with shopping, restaurants and a museum where you can explore the underground caves that the Mossad used to build planes underground. The market itself has various specialty food stalls from around the world, some with seating and others designed for take out. Sarona Market has something for everyone, so it’s a great option for those that want to sample many cuisines or if you’re with a group with varied tastes. A great option for dinner or lunch.

Alternatively, the restaurant Claro and the wine bar Jajo are both wonderful options for dinner and drinks in Sarona as well.

Included in our Best Restaurants in Tel Aviv list.


Disco Tokyo & Herzl 16

Cuisine | Japanese Fusion
Location | City Center, near Rothschild
Vibe | Fun, easy going, outdoor, casual ($$)
Reservations | Recommended

Disco Tokyo and it’s more casual sister restaurant, Herzl 16, are both Japanese inspired restaurants in the same, beautifully architected downtown complex. Disco Tokyo, the more formal of the two is in the front. After you walk past it, you’ll find yourself in a beautiful courtyard with outdoor seating and an open area where there is often live music or a DJ at night. Towards the back, is Herzl 16, the more casual of the two restaurants, serving a lighter, simpler menu resembling asian inspired bar food. Both are great and worth checking out. They also serve an international breakfast and asian inspired lunch.

The beauty of the building housing both Disco Tokyo and Herzl 16 was also the subject of an article by Architectural Digest.

Included in our Best Restaurants in Tel Aviv list.


Cafe Popular

Cuisine | Israeli Mediterranean
Location | The Old North
Vibe | Fun, fashionable, party crowd ($$$)
Reservations | Highly Recommended

Cafe Popular, located in the Jacob Samuel boutique hotel in the Old North, has quickly become a popular destination for a fashionable crowd. The restaurant and bar, where a DJ spins late into the night is busiest on Thursday nights, but generally fun any night of the week. When you make a reservation, request the basement level bar (which also serves food), so that you can enjoy the lively vibe. Best when you’re not too hungry, but want to enjoy some food with your cocktail and want a fun night out.

Included in our Best Restaurants in Tel Aviv list.


The Old Man and the Sea

Cuisine | Israeli
Location | Jaffa (Yafo) Port
Vibe | Casual ($$)
Reservations | Not needed, great for large groups

A traditional middle eastern restaurant experience, The Old Man and the Sea never disappoints. At first glance, the restaurant may seem like a tourist trap, but it is anything but. The food is delicious and the experience, unforgettable.

The moment you and your guests sit down, you’ll be greeted by a friendly waiter covering your table with over 20 small salads (or mezze). Order one of the fish specials or chicken or lamb kabob and enjoy it with freshly baked lafa (large pita) and unlimited refills of all of the salads. Be sure to go hungry!

Tip: there are two locations, both in Jaffa, but we prefer the one in Jaffa Port.

Included in our Best Restaurants in Tel Aviv list.


Vicky Christina

Cuisine | Spanish Tapas
Location | Hatachana (The Old Train Station), near Neve Tzedeck
Vibe | Outdoor bar, relaxed ($$)
Reservations | Recommended

A beautiful Spanish tapas restaurant and wine bar, Vicky Christina is the perfect place to go for a light dinner before going out for a drink at the Secret Garden (Habustan), one of Tel Aviv’s trendiest bars, which is right next door. Located in the old train station near Neve Tzedeck, Vicky Christina is an outdoor oasis of high bar tables nestled under a large beautiful ficus tree. On certain nights, two talented Spanish guitarists play enchanting live music.



Cuisine | Israeli Mediterranean
Location | City Center, near Rothschild
Vibe | Fun, trendy, lively ($$$$)
Reservations | Required.

The constantly packed Emesh consists of a lively bar and restaurant and relaxed courtyard and is the perfect destination for a fun night out with friends. The food, (from the former sous chef at Shila) is not exceptional, but the vibe makes it a worthwhile destination. If you’re short on time, skip dinner and come here for a drink.

To make a reservation, message Emesh through Facebook Messenger.


Also Worth Noting

Cicchetti | a beautiful Italian small plates restaurant with a fun vibe. Request the bar. Reservations required.
Florentina | a casual outdoor restaurant in the Florentine neighborhood.
Night Kitchen | a fun atmosphere for a night out with friends near Rothschild. Reservations recommended.
Abie | fresh, local Israeli cuisine with a buzzy, but simple and relaxed atmosphere, Walk in only.
Onza | lively restaurant in the Jaffa flea market, Shuk HaPishpeshim.
Rustico | solid Italian restaurant in Basel square.


coming soon | MORE REVIEWs!

We’re in the process of updating our reviews for the below restaurant categories. Please check back soon for additional details. In the meantime, we hope that the below quick reference list is helpful. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

best restaurants in tel aviv | breakfast & bruncH

Yulia | perfect for when you want to eat at a restaurant with a view of the water, but not in the sand, in the tel aviv namal

Cafe Dizengoff | casual cafe on dizengoff with great food, always packed

The Norman Hotel | beautiful breakfast on the outdoor terrace ($30 per person, ends at 10:30 AM)

Dallal | beautiful restaurant in Neve Tzedeck

Manta Ray | delicious israeli breakfast with a view of the beach

Hotel Montifiore | charming french bistro in a chic boutique hotel in southern Tel Aviv

Benedict | incredibly popular, breakfast available 24 hours a day, serves nutella (!) with all fresh bread baskets, multiple locations

Ha’achim - bustling, casual middle eastern restaurant

best restaurants in tel aviv | Beach restaurants

Lala Land | popular beach restuarant, located at Gordon beach, stay all day, watch the sunset and listen to live music at night

Calypso | restaurant at Calypso beach (formerly Frishman beach)

Hilton Beach | beautiful view and atmosphere, yummy schniztel and fries

best restaurants in tel aviv | lunch

M25 | innovative and unique meat-centric restaurant hidden inside the Carmel market

Pua | great for lunch on a Friday afternoon in Yafo, no reservations, but put your name down and walk around

Habasta | great for lunch on a Friday afternoon near the shuk, unique, delicious dishes with fresh ingredients

Kitchen Market | cool Tel Aviv Port restaurant, upscale, with beautiful views

The Old Man and the Sea | middle eastern restaurant in Yafo, great for lunch or dinner, touristy, but delicious

Montifiore | cute french bistro in the Montifiore hotel

Cafe Noir | good cafe near Rothschild known for their schnitzel

Casbah | downtown vibes in Florentine, casual cafe

best restaurants in tel aviv | coffee, bakeries and quick bites

Under the Tree | casual neighborhood coffee shop with some of the best coffee in Tel Aviv, lots of locals

Lehamim (Breads Bakery) | a very popular bakery in Tel Aviv with outposts in NYC (dont miss the warm rugalach or nutella babka)

Hamitzim ve Hayafim | the best fresh fruit smoothie stand in Tel Aviv, get the "tuti fruiti"

Aroma Cafe | order iced coffee, salads and sandwiches at the counter, several locations in tel aviv

Ar Cafe | several locations in tel aviv, good for a quick bite or coffee

best restaurants in tel aviv | street food, falafel & more

Abu Hassan |often considered the best hummus in Israel, closes early (~2PM) and only serves hummus, must go

Hamiznon | casual and busy pita-focused take away restaurant, popular with locals, great late night

Hakosem | great falafel and shawarma in central location, near Dizengoff

Sabich Tchernichovsky | delicious sabich

Frishman Sabich and Falafel | very popular sabich and falafel spot

Levinsky Burekas | very popular Turkish puff-pastry spot in the up-and-coming area of Levinsky market in South Tel Aviv

Falafel Gabai / Gabay - several locations, popular soup and falafel

best bars in tel aviv | Drinks

Habustan (The Secret Garden) | come here to party and mingle with the most beautiful people in Tel Aviv

Speakeasy - beautiful rooftop bar on Rothschild

Haiku Skybar | stunning rooftop bar with city views at the Lighthouse Hotel on Allenby, near Coco Bambino

Suramare | swanky rooftop bar in southern Tel Aviv, small bites

Imperial Craft Cocktail Bar | this tiny, award-winning bar is hidden in the Imperial Hotel and is ranked number 17 on the World's 50 Best Bars list

Shalvata | dance club in the Tel Aviv Port which attracts a younger crowd

Bellboy | unique hotel-themed boutique bar with food, reservations required