The Tel Aviv food scene is inventive, festive, diverse and delicious. A perfect blend of eclectic cuisines and cultures, the food is exceptional and the atmosphere unsurpassed. Don't believe us? Check out why Forbes thinks "Israel Just Might Have the World's Best Restaurant Scene" and Conde Nast Traveler's take on "Why the World's Best Vegetarian Food Is in Tel Aviv".

Below are our updated top picks.


  • YULIA - perfect for when you want to eat at a restaurant with a view of the water, but not in the sand, in the tel aviv namal
  • CAFE DIZENGOFF - casual cafe on dizengoff with great food, always packed
  • THE NORMAN HOTEL - beautiful breakfast on the outdoor terrace ($30 per person, ends at 10:30 AM)
  • BREAD & CO - delicious israeli breakfast and bakery on the corner of Ben Gurion & Ben Yehuda
  • DALLAL - beautiful restaurant in Neve Tzedeck
  • MANTA RAY - delicious israeli breakfast with a view of the beach
  • HOTEL MONTIFIORE - charming french bistro in a chic boutique hotel in southern Tel Aviv
  • BENEDICT - incredibly popular, breakfast available 24 hours a day, serves nutella (!) with all fresh bread baskets, multiple locations
  • HA'ACHIM - bustling, casual middle eastern restaurant


  • LALA LAND - popular beach restuarant, located at Gordon beach, stay all day, watch the sunset and listen to live music at night
  • CALYPSO - restaurant at Calypso beach (formerly Frishman beach)
  • HILTON BEACH - beautiful view and atmosphere, yummy schniztel and fries


  • M25 - innovative and unique meat-centric restuarant hidden inside the Carmel market
  • PUA - great for lunch on a friday afternoon in yafo, no reservations, but put your name down and walk around
  • HABASTA - great for lunch on a friday afternoon near the shuk, unique, delicious dishes with fresh ingredients
  • KITCHEN MARKET - cool Tel Aviv Port restaurant, upscale, with beautiful views
  • HERZEL 16 + DISCO TOKYO - great for lunch or dinner near Rothschild
  • THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA - middle eastern restaurant in Yafo, great for lunch or dinner, touristy, but delicious
  • SHUK ROTHSCHILD ALLENBY - Tel Aviv's newest food market - a smaller version of Sarona in the middle of the city
  • MONTIFIORE - cute french bistro in the Montifiore hotel
  • CAFE NOIR - good cafe near rothschild known for their schnitzel
  • ROTHSCHILD 12 - great for a causal coffee, lunch or happy hour, located on Rothschild
  • CASBAH - downtown vibes in florentine, casual cafe


  • LEHAMIM (I.E., BREADS BAKERY) - the most popular bakery in Tel Aviv with outposts in NYC (dont miss the warm rugalach or nutella babka)
  • HAMITZIM VE HAYAFIM - the best fresh fruit smoothie stand in Tel Aviv, get the "tuti fruiti"
  • AROMA CAFE - order iced coffee, salads and sandwiches at the counter, several locations in tel aviv
  • AR CAFE - several locations in tel aviv, good for a quick bite or coffee


  • ABU HASSAN - often considered the best hummus in Israel, closes early (~2PM) and only serves hummus, must go
  • HAMIZNON - casual and busy pita-focused take away restaurant, popular with locals, great late night
  • HAKOSEM - great falafel and shwarma in central location, near Dizengoff
  • SABICH TCERNICHOVSKY - delicious sabich
  • FRISHMAN SABICH AND FALAFEL - very popular sabich and falafel spot
  • LEVINSKY BUREKAS - very popular Turkish puff-pastry spot in the up-and-coming area of Levinsky market in South Tel Aviv
  • FALAFEL GABAI - several locations, popular soup and falafel


  • NORTH ABRAXAS - extremely unique and fun restaurant, sit at the bar if you can, one of our favorites!
  • EMESH - new restaurant, great with a big group, festive bar for post-dinner drinks
  • COCO BAMBINO - italian restaurant, book a late table and stay for drinks after, best with a big group
  • HA'SALON - popular restaurant with unique and festive atmosphere, only open a few nights a week, dinner turns into a dance party, book ahead
  • ROMANO - fun restaurant in yafo, best on a friday night when you can go to the bar teder after dinner
  • CHICCITTI - italian small plates restaurant with a great vibe, book a spot at the bar and go with a small group
  • ABIE - casual, but very popular restaurant
  • DON CAMILLO - the restaurant at the new jaffa hotel, upscale food and vibe, check out the stunning chapel bar in the hotel if you go
  • DISCO TOKYO + HERZL 16 - two great restaurants in the same location, great place to book for a night out, stay for drinks
  • THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA - traditional middle eastern food, go hungry!
  • SARONA MARKET - new market in Sarona with many popular food stalls. grab a glass of wine and sit at one of the restaurants or have dessert
  • HOTEL DEVILLE - french bistro, casual and great food for a chill night
  • SHILA - delicious restaurant that specializes in fish and seafood, upscale and packed every night of the week
  • PORT SA'ID - casual, fun atmosphere, incredibly popular israeli restaurant. no reservations, go early and/or order a bottle of wine to drink while waiting on the sidewalk.
  • SANTA CATARINA - casual, fun atmosphere next door to port sa'id (good option if you can't get in to port sa'id or don't want to wait)
  • TAIZU - asian fusion restaurant
  • TYO - fun japanese restaurant, sit inside
  • BINDELLA - delicious italian food, cool ambiance
  • FLEA MARKET - a popular restaurant in Yafo on the small cobblestoned streets
  • ONZA - fun vibes in yafo, shuk hapishpeshim
  • VICKY CHRISTINA - fun outdoor tapas restaurant, great for a drink and small plates before going out
  • CAFE EUROPA - great casual restaurant on rothschild
  • RAMSES - very popular yafo restaurant, book ahead
  • CLARO - popular seafood restaurant in Sarona
  • JAJO - wine bar and tapas restaurant in Sarona


  • BUSTAN (i.e., THE SECRET GARDEN) - come here to party and mingle with the most beautiful people in Tel Aviv
  • IMPERIAL CRAFT COCKTAIL BAR - this tiny, award-winning bar is hidden in the Imperial Hotel and is ranked number 17 on the World's 50 Best Bars list
  • SHALVATA - dance club by the water with a bit of a younger crowd, located in the tel aviv port
  • SURAMARE - swanky rooftop bar in southern Tel Aviv, small bites
  • SPEAKEASY - beautiful rooftop bar on Rothschild
  • BELLBOY - unique themed bar with food, reservations required